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Good day steemit, How are you all? Hope you're all doing fine. I just want to share this art of mine that I made few years ago. As far as I remember, it takes me 1 week for this to finish. Hope you like this guys

•First, I prepare these items
-charcoal pencil
-kneaded eraser
-vellum cartolina

•Then made a line pattern and sketch, then start to draw the upper part using charcoal pencil and the left eye

•Here it is in the closer look

•Then the right eye,nose and lips. and then I used brush with charcoal to add shadow texture to make the face more realistic

•and then the right part of Her jacket

•Here it is in different perspective

•Lastly, finish the middle part and the right part of her jacket

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•Hope You Enjoy this Tutorial:
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•Have A Wonderful Day Ahead:

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Beautiful drawing to the coal!
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Thank you @teardrops for your appreciation. Have a wonderful day ahead

Beautiful! <3


Thank You @jsmalila, Highly appreciated.. ^^