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Hey guys! Back with an artwork process. Again, it's a Cel-Shaded artwork. This is the kind of shading you can find in animes and cartoons. This was also commissioned by Bribble.

Before I begin, I would just like to suggest that you vote for @curie for witness here @curie has helped a lot of artist who's just starting here on steemit, just like me.

And also check out @smartsteem! I think they're onto something amazing for quality-post steemers!


Just one reference this time. Better than none at all. ^-^


At first glance, I thought her hair style was twin pig-tails. It turns out, it was a pony-tail. ^-^;


Which resulted to a wrong initial sketch. ^-^;

gar ske a.png

Luckily, it wasn't that hard to edit.

gar ske b.png


That's why it's important to always show an initial sketch to a client, rather than the complete / final version.

gar ink.png


Done in SAI.

gar fla.png


Cel-Shading can be interesting in it's own way.

gar cel.png


As usual, I paint the background. I don't find a cel-shaded BG to be appealing.

gar pnt.png

Final Product

After my usual minor edits, it's done!

gar fin.png

I hope you liked my post and I hope you find this art process worth your while. I'll try to post more. ^-^
Bye for now!



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Nice. I don't know why I like more the irises in the first two sketches.

I think it's because i kind of "pre" rendered it in pencils, then made it solid in the inked. I needed to do that so I can shade it properly. ^-^

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