"Awesome Pepe" Doodle art : @artguildph Contest #1 Entry

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He didn't want a bloody revolution but he has fought for freedom in a silent and powerful way using his pen


This is my official entry for @artguildph Contest #1 : An Art for Jose Rizal

Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, or well-known as Jose Rizal, The Philippine National Hero. A skillful man that mastered various skills, subjects and many things. He was a novelist, journalist, opthalmologist, playwright, sculpture, painter, farmer, educator, historian and a fine architect. He was also an anthropologist, ethnologist, sociologist, economist, dramatist, a cartographer and an expert in martial art, fencing and pistol shooting.

This guy is badass!

At an early age of 2 years old, he was already able to read and write and amazingly grew up learning 22 different langauges. He has written many poems that includes, Our mother tongue, To the Philippine Youth, Hymn to Labor and a lot more

He also published two historical novels during the tail end of the spanish colonial period in the philippines thay triggered the colonisers namely, Noli Me tangere and El Filibusterismo. Other than that, there were three animal species that were named after him : Draco rizali, Rachophorous rizali, and apogonia rizali

He became the Philippine national hero for he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way.

Rizal started the action and freed the Philippines by using goodness for he was a symbol of goodness himself. The way he expressed his love for the country was very historical. Instead of war exploits he touched the colonisers through his novels, essays , articles and news.

He was really a renaissance man during his time. A very humble yet was able to fight for reforms through his writings instead of having a bloody revolution. Using his intellectual strength, skills and talents in a peaceful way we are now independent and free from colonisers.

This is just a brief throwback of what he has done for the countrymen and our country, Philippines.

Indeed Pepe is awesome!

Thats why im using my pen as well to give honor to the person behind the freedom we are experiencing today.

Here's a doodle art that includes some of his trademarks together with some doodle characters and patterns in the shape of him.


The process

001 Light Sketching

First I did a vector sketch of his portrait, emphasizing the shape of his face and shadows.

002 Doodling I

After clearing some details of his portrait, I then started doodling.

003 Doodling II

Yes, still doodling lol so I added more objects and patterns that came across my mind, yep! Impromptu


004 Doodling III

more characters and patterns...


005 Doodling IX



006 Doodling X

And more!!!



007 Finalizing

Then I added some finishing touches

and then its done!



Closer view

The details

So the major elements that I included in my doodle art are,

  • The symbol KKK - which stands for Katipunan which was a Philippine revolutionary society founded by Filipinos in Manila in 1892. Their primary aim was to gain independence from the hands of spaniard colonisers. KKK means, "Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan" or in english, Supreme and Honorable Society of the Sons of the Nation.


  • Philippine Flag - of course, Jose Rizal wanted his country (which is Philippines) to be free and independent from the colonisers, he was empowering the coubtry through honorably raising the Philippine Flag and also as a sign of high respect and pride.


  • Flying dove - This dove represents the freedom of the Filipinos. That the they/we are now free to fly for our dreams and for thr country.


  • Arrows - These arrows symbolizes moving forward, which means that because of this man, Philippines started to mobilize on its own towards success.


  • Flowers - Not just because I love flowers lol but theae symbolizes new beginning after that historical happening. That the country is now blooming, wonderfully.


  • The lamp - This object represents the light and hope that rizal gave to the people during that time.


  • Books and paper - This symbolizes his intelligence and skills.


  • Rizal monument - So in memory of him, The Ph government made a park which is knwon as Rizal Park/Luneta Park.


And others are just patterns and doodle characters.



Thank you for spending your time! Peace y'all! 😁🙌


DQmRFmG8TWNQXZobEUHGJZRpho3NqJYQpbmudckw9cK1an3 (1).gif

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So impressive art and I love to learn more about this great man !

Ohh thanks @livvu You should try this one! Its pretty nice and relaxing to do 😄😉

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Wow! Amazing. Upvoted and followed you

Thank youuu 😁😁

Awesome artwork Kinit! I really like the doodle composition of this art. Really wondering how can I get one of my own, lol.

Hahha thank your sir! Well, of course you can! Lets settle things up 😉😂

wowow beautiful and intricate <3 and all those details with their thoughtful meanings <3 and and the inking <3 such a lovely piccar and ... the text is also very nice and informative and interesting <3 <3 <3

upvotes and follows

Woow what a very sweet words @veryspider 😁

Choya ani oi. Di ko kamao ani. Hahaha

Haha thank you bro 😅😁 buhat nya ani broooo

Wala pa ni nahuman ang contest? When ang deadline?

Murag naglibog sad baya kos instructions nila bro, tanawa lang sa akoang blog ako giresteem

actually nakabasa nako ato pero wa sad ko kasabot jud.. haha

Maayoha oyy!! <3

Di kaayo master oy haha thanks

Tinuod bitaw master! Maikog kay ko ba. :-)

Hahah wala man kay ikog master 😂

Hahaha laina

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Uggghh. So much talent u got there.