Awesome Graffiti Art On The Steem Blockchain " A Huge Sweetie Monster "

in #artlast month

Hello, dear Steemians


More Streetart

Today I'll show you a cool mural.
It is mostly in the color orange and consists of different treats.


Some are made of fruit like oranges and many are in cream and ice cream style.


You can also see a satellite dish cricket.



if you want to know what happens here tomorrow then you should

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Graffiti art creating a nice vibe right now

Awesome graffiti work. That artist must be a lover of fruit😄

Hehe. Thank you.

that is some amazing graffiti work keep it on

Nice work. Great chronicling.

Thank you very much.

Thanks 👍 for sharing stupendous streetart photography w/ us:) I hope you enjoyed by sharing such s great art photos w/ us
Have a nice day

the painting is very neat, the color is very soft, I like to enjoy.@lichtblick.

Thanks for watching.

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