A book for the Wheel of the Year... An Equinox post.

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Happy Equinox !

The Spring Equinox is my favorite of the eight “Wheel of the Year” festivals.
Not only does it welcome Spring back into our lives but it speaks to the pleasure and necessity of balance.
The two equinoxes mark the two points on our Wheel of the Year which have equal night to equal day. After today our days will grow longer just until the Fall equinox when all that switches.

I have so much to say about the Wheel of the Year that I actually made a book about it!
The book is called Divining the Dream and it came out in 2013.
Here's a picture of the front and back cover as well as the endpapers (inside of cover)

DD web.jpg

The book weaves the poetry and art of sixty-four artists and twenty-five poets together with my own, to produce this global expression of love.

Not all the poems and artwork were made for the Wheel of the Year but I selected pieces that fit into my view of this Spiral Dance. I include some Spring Pages for fun.

Art by Android Jones

Vishnu, Buddah and Christ can be seen peacefully frequenting the same image or stanza.
The Goddess unfolds as Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Pan dances with Amazonian shamans and Sufis.
Insects, snakes, animals and fish are respected.
The elements are revered.
Our Universal Consciousness is honored.


Left side art: Wolfgang Widmoser Right side: Liam Barr

The book moves through the solstices, equinoxes and the forgotten holydays
which originally marked the beginning of our four seasons and were dedicated to our Mother Nature. The Dance between Nature and the Sun reflect our own dance through life… through our familiar human story, from birth to growth, decline to death, we rise so high and dip so low. We are on a hero’s journey; harvesting lessons and revelations.


Two paintings of Persephone...the energy of Spring returning from Hades to bring Life back after Winter.
Left: Helena Nelson Reed. Right: Brigid Marlin


Left side: A Witchy Frog from myself Right: Madeline Von Foerster.

The book and my project Dreams and Divinities was launched in Toledo Spain on the Spring Equinox. The launch included an exhibit of ninety-four pieces of sacred art, a conference, concert and events.

The show and book went on a two year odyssey with ten shows in four countries. Fate had it that we had an equinox show in each country:
Spain * France * Mexico * USA

Here's a little photo montage of our adventures.

If you want to see more pages from the book, you can do so on my site:

My blog on the Visionary Art Gallery has lots of pictures of the events:

You can also check out the albums on our facebook page:

You can even purchase a book in my store:

I will leave you with this wonderful painting from Henryk Fantozas called the Beekeepers Dance.


Happy Equinoxe with many blessings of balance and beauty!

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wow that books amazing, the artwork is beautiful! I'm going to have to buy a copy when i get paid, do you ship to the uk?


thanks @robali123 , i do :)


@robali123 If you are in London, you can also pick it up at Watkins Books, Treadwells or Wicca Moon...


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danke my dear :)

It looks really nice indeed!

What a beautiful book! I'd love to have a copy of this.


thanks @intspekt. You can get one on my site <3

Every now and then I wonder how such amazing artists like yourself get on Steemit and then I remember that the world does not reward artists for their work and I become sad.


Lol thanks! 🙏💕yup better to take our networking into our own hands..... important to have galleries and press as well but indépendance is Good too

wow, that looks like a truly beautiful book! Thank you for sharing!

I really like your Steem page. Followed, upvoted, re-Steemed, and shared.



Thanx! 💕🙏