The First Painting I Ever Sold

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Many moons ago I used to work in acrylics. Oils were still viewed as expensive, too difficult and messy to work with.

I even used to build my own canvases, and in this case, I also built the frame. But more on the painting first.

The theme revolves around one of the most well known gods of Germanic / Norse mythology, Odin. But depending upon tribes, his name varied, Woden, Wodenaz, Wotun. Then there are endless bynames (pseudonyms) he was also known under, One Eyed, Wanderer, All Father, Grey Beard.

In his earliest forms he was wandering shaman, the traveller between worlds. The last developments saw him become the patron god of warriors and kings who would lead the hosts of slain warriors in the Ragnarok, the final apocalyptic battle between the forces of order and chaos.

My aim with this painting was cram in as much of the story elements associated with him.

Back to that frame. Each of those runes on the frame are hand carved. In the end, the frame took almost as much time as the painting itself.

Because I had invested so much time in this painting, it was actually very hard to sell it, even though that was the intent. The reason was that this was the first painting I ever sold. But I can say, that it became easier with each painting.

I assume the painting is still out there somewhere. I've lost track of the collector. Maybe I will see this little piece of personal history once again.

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