Plein Air in the Plain Air

in #art11 months ago


With Summer here, it is a real challenge to stay indoors at the easel. So, the solution is to take the easel outdoors, well, a smaller more portable one at least. I have intended for the past couple of years to make use of the palace gardens as a plein air subject, and I finally did it.

It has its challenges, sunburn, curious passers-by who get a bit too close. Out in the country you only have to contend with sunburn (again) and biting insects.

What finally kicked me into action with the palace gardens, was that it was the last day for the year that they remained open until 9 P.M. As of writing today, they close at eight. The closing times are progressively earlier as the days shorten with approaching season I shall not name while the Sun is still high and hot.

I started rather late in the day and so I'll have to finish the painting in the studio. I'm by no means a quick plein air painter, which is a bit of a handicap with rapidly changing light conditions. Thus I usually take the camera along to shoot a reference shot for the studio.

Now, back to the studio.

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