EXPIRED: art, we love art graphics paintings beautiful!

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Steemiaaaaaans! this contest expired, thanks all for your work!


we had 9 entries, results and rewards in my next posting

stay tuned!


Great arts up there. Tried out a drawing but it just wasn't near gooddd . . . May the best art win!

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Thank for trying anyway!

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Friend wait for your drawing with much patience, but I hope you compete in the next contest and so we can share in family a big greeting for you. @akomoajong

You're so kind, I hope so too. Thanks a bunch!

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How are you my friend?

I'm doing alright, thanks.

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Hello Friend how are you?

hello Alejo Da Vinci 1996! we have decided winners already, lets see @alejo1996 ... 🤔 .... check my rewards posting tomorrow after 10:00 utc

Hol friend, anxious of the result, great artists! luck for all, inculso for me!
Thanks friend leeuw

yeah i like em all too!

Hello my good friend, I am pleased to hear from you, I have noticed you a little distant despite the contest, I really hope you are very well and as always grateful for so much support, wishing the best and sending many blessings to you, just for participating in your great contest I feel happy, a big hug for you @leeuw

thank you for the support, @leeuw is very well and i trust the same for you! also, we just got a new joyful posting by @steemgh which is also good news. @leeuw is thinking kitchens and puzzles, wait for my next post tomorrow!

So it will be, the order that there is, is to play and learn, I'm attentive and collaborate in what you have, hopefully @steemgh can solve the computer and I know that has broad mind with your support, my voting power is very low, but if there is any way to collaborate I am to the order, but greetings to you. @leeuw

i shall be honoured to invite you to perform the next Puzzle Judge and Management after the Contest Kitchen expected presented by Chef @jennimorillo!

Friend @leeuw I am very happy that you are good, @steemgh is going through a difficulty but with the favor of God everything will be fine, he is very happy and optimistic.

We expect many contests and challenges with @leeuw who has been a blessing in this beautiful platform for his constant support.

thank you for your comment, prepare to assume the role of Contest Kitchen Manager and Judge soon!

Hello friend @leeuw I hope you find yourself well, I'm anxious to see the results .., I'm excited and I'm going to make a mural in my school about plants and their fruits., I'm still complementing the idea. luck for all the participants .. they are wanted !!

wow! a mural... so creative and fun, good luck tomorrow when the Art Judge arrives to look over the your drawing!

Thank you very much friend @leeuw I hope to achieve my new challenge as a great Picaso !!!

Great work leeuw. I missed myself and wished I contributed. Your work must be supported and love what you are doing for the steem blockchain. Much respect big boss

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yeah, i get pleasant help with some tasks of posting and managing contests, next up expected @jennimorillo to provide Contest Kitchen Chef support for a STEEM compensation and @leeuw provided prize funds. Small dollar values obviously, while sourced from my STEEM curation dividends, but big in fun and useful, also for the blockchain i think

Pleased to participate in the next kitchen challenge, mmmm will be delicious!

Oh no, I arrived very late to the competition but I had many days without electric power, good luck to all, a lot of talent in Steemit!

no worries, thanks for you checking in, always there is a next time! Hope your electric will be up! yeah steemit all tha way!