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Hello everyone! :D

I finally finished Libra Zodiac and I'm working on a much longer post for tomorrow, the Scorpio Zodiac (my brother's, @ivan-g 's zodiac) :D


About Libra

September 23- October 22
Element air

Libra are cooperative,diplomatic, gracious and social. However they are also indecisive and carry a grudges.

If you're Libra is this accurate for you?


I'm also trying outo Esteem on Android as I'm posting very often :)
Update: I deleted the app :p
Careful, it asks for a lot of keys, but you can log in with only Posting key. Never use your active or owner keys on 3rd party platforms (only active if you must). I prefer Steemconnecto over logging in directly. Steempress also requires posting keyour, but nothing stronger so it feels less suspicious.


For the design I started with some thumbnails. Next I took my regular Sketchbook and did a rough pencil sketch. Once I liked the shapes I took a 0.4 pen and drew all the outlines. Once I finished initial outline, I thickened lines in the shadows. I decided on purple to be the main color as I haven't used it much for the other zodiac dragons. I used colder colors for the shadows.


Other Zodiac Dragons I Drew:





Taurus + The Process and Coloring Tips


Gemini+ Fighting Art Block with Spring Cleaning


Cancer+ How and Why to Use Autovoting


All of the art was made by me, copyright @kristyglas. All rights reserved.

Thank you for checking out! <3

& Stay tuned for more soon!

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I like your Zodiac dragons, so I've thought about doing the same thing, but instead of dragons, I'll draw people ^^. So far, my favorite is Aries... Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that my sign is Aries xD



Sweet haha :D Mine as well! Aries artists for the win xD
Looking forward to your Zodiac. I love seeing how others do same theme in a different way!

Would you be opposed to me making 3D models of some of your work? I really enjoy how whimsical they are and I think it would be good practice. I could offer stl files for you to have them 3D printed if you know how to get your hands on one.


Thank you! :) Well you can do one, I am very curious ^^ If you're willing to always credit me for the original art design (if you post your work elsewhere). And files would be great, I plan to learn some 3D in the future.


Of course, attribution always goes to the original artist. :) Any one in particular you want me to do? This or any series you've worked on, of course.


Lovely! Ty :D
I think you should pick any based on what you think will look cool in 3D ^^ as you have the experience



Tail needs work, and the horns. I think the head and the eyes are pretty good though. I'll add more bones to the tail and see about making the horns truer to the original tomorrow.


Oooh! So cool :D It looks so interesting! The pose is spot on!

Well done, I'm resteeming this one. :-) Have you not drawn a Scorpio yet?


Thank you ^^ Scorpio is next :D I'm going in the order.

Beautiful drawing... upvoted

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Thanks :)

Very cute dragon. I love those colours. And he fits well among the other dragons in your collection!

Well done, Kristy! 😄


Thank you! ^-^

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Very cute libra dragon, @kristyglas :) The scales being balanced on their horns are such an adorable idea <3 I love it !


Thank you! ^-^

Gah it's so cute with its fancy mane and puffy tail and teeny little wings. Pfft what am I saying they're all so adorable it's almost painful XD


Hahaha xD Thank you :3 The scorpi is sadly less adorable but maybe you'll find it cute :D

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