Portrait of May No. 1

in art •  4 months ago  (edited)

Hair. For some people difficult subject to draw. I like it very much.
@Dandays wrote the comment below my last post, that would like to see a few progress pictures during drawing...
So, I made a few.

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Beautiful sketch! The lines are fluid, giving the figure a soft touch of motion which helps evoke emotion. Reminds me a bit of the illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing! Upvoted and resteemed!

Thx, I havn't known his works, I really like them

He illustrated all the characters and monsters from Final Fantasy 1-6, and 9. At least that artist got to eat, right? :p

Fantasy is not my favorite genre, but Yoshitaka's illustrations are beautiful


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Amazing portrait

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Do you know these russian brush markers called posca are really good for white highlights. It just reminded me of that

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