in art •  11 months ago

My niece Pia. She has mild autism but she has a big heart. A proud Aunt I am to have artistic niece. She loves to draw and play Ukulele during her free time. I am sending her to baking classes just because she wants to be like me a homebaker when she grow up.



Pia showing of her latest drawing. Her ambition is to become anime cartoonists(fingers crossed)


Showing off her drawing




How do you like her drawings?

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Aww her drawings are adorable :o

I like Pia's drawings! Thanks for sharing them. :) Maybe she will come to steemit and post her art. There is another girl on here with mild autism named @tiamaria and she posts her art. Check out her blog and maybe show it to Pia and maybe she will be inspired by Tia to join here and post! :)


@kenny-crane thank you. I will check out @tiamaria and share this with Pia. Yeah I would love to get Pia to join steemit. Will show it to her. Cheers.