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in art •  2 years ago

I have been doing a lot of Photoshop 2017 work lately and today I noticed something special flash by my eyes as the program was loading. I flipped over to the 'About Photoshop' screen and noticed they gave credit to their splash screen with a simple link...

There, I was able to quickly find the following page that displays lots of interesting content about the piece.

So it seems that the piece was chosen by Adobe to act as a Splash Screen for PhotoShop 2017 as it loads up on computers. That is quite an honor to begin with but I really did enjoy the piece a great deal.

The PhotoShop'd Look

The image has a very natural appeal, even in it's strangely circular composition it doesn't seem overly Photoshop'd, even though it clearly is. The mountains are bent into a 360 degree swirling pattern but this is no ordinary Photoshop Twirl filter. This is something far more special and unique. This took time, creativity, and lots of expertise.

I really like the soft, complimentary color palette and the strong light source on that little person leaving only a mysterious silhouette.

Everything came together very nicely, so I wanted to share.

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Nice work. Resteemed.


Thanks @dwinblood, and hey welcome back!

I agree that is a fascinating technique. The image is superb and very appropriate for Adobe.

Very freakin Awesome!! 👍

Really outstanding work !