Superman commission [my doodle]

in art •  last year

One of my first video doodles, so there are a lot of undoing and redrawing things :) I made this pic as an ad for some guy from construction biz.

PS: My wedding presentation videodoodle is there - House of love.

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Awesome video.Thanks for sharing it.
Upvoted and resteemed done

planning a good home for a new life with dear wife

Good video

Excellent video. Nice one. Thanks

That is amazing!!

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Wow the video was really great to see it come alive

Oh fantastic looking so good in the video :)

fabulous work by you this is looking very nice :)

That is indeed looking pretty great buddy
Nicely drawn @ speed

its so fantastic loved the doodle work :)

superman looks really amazing nice

refreshing doodle i love to see it making :)

Short and sweet

Wonderful doodle.

superior doodle work done this is impressive

Nice doodle creation video i saw its beautiful

excellent video you are making some fantastic doodles

its beautiful and amazing to see wonderful :)

Haha Nice post :)

Heyyy, how are you? :)

What tablet are you using? Love the clean lines in your character!

Really cool.

hello :D i like drawings too , kindly see my drawings and i hope you'll like it

Miss you, hope you come back soon!

Hey :D
I nominate you for 7 day black and white photography challenge ^^
Hope you find time to get back!

Heyy how have you been? :) Is there any place other than Steemit where I can follow you? ^^