Doodle Story contest 4: results and prizes

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Thank you all for participating! A week ago I asked you to come up with a story for this picture:

Let's see all the entries, we have 9 of them this time!



Guy from right: I bought this pipe and some weed from you for 200 bitcoins! What you gonna do with it? They are like 3cents each haha!
Guy from left: Lamborghini.


Cowboy: " Pass me the pipe"
Indian: "How."


The cowboy say: Hey, Mr. Feather Quiet, can you lend me your pipe to smoke these sausages?


Eat my sausage and I'll blow yours.





a gang of rober caught a man who is perfect in a sector.then the leader of the gang offer him if he may content him he will make him free


Cowboy : do u want to eat this for dinner?
Indian : no, I just need my pipe.


Thank you for all of your stories, I got a lot of fun reading them! But I need to award only one peson and it is...

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .


I loved her joke the most! Congratulation to the winner! :) 1 SBD prize is on it's way to you!

Also I decided to make an additional award for the best use of my graphics :) This award goes to @doctorcrypto. Congratulations! 1 SBD will arrive to your wallet as soon as possible.


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i missed it..that is very bad :/ but im gonna joiin the next contest for sure..and congratulations for the winners..and wish you a very happy new year too..please have more of this sort of contests in the future too :)


Don't worry there will be more contests in 2018 :)

Awesome!!! Thank you and Happy New Year!

very nice post

Happy new year!
@keepdoodling in 2018!


Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

Happy new year....

Upvoted and resteemed dear....

Amazing dear...♥
Upvoted and resteemed donE♠

Haaaa, yay! Ive always liked your doodles (which I'm pretty sure I never fail to mention) and it's awesome to have my own little twist to it though your doodle stories!

Keep up the good work!

great doodle contest this has been amazing entries

Congratulations winners great contest i was :)

Congratulation winner it was a great contest :)

hhaah i love the contest

cool post with great contest congrats winner !

Yay congratulations winners

the winner was very creative in thoughts :)
Happy New Year

congratulations winners

Congratulations @sjennon :)

creative contest it was :)