Smeared Ink Drawing, OOPS! *Original Artwork*

in art •  3 months ago

What a mess XD LOl
This is why you should always wait for your ink to dry, Before you go to erase pencil marks in your drawing.

This time I learned the hard way unfortunately..



Then I went to erase pencil marks


Lesson learned hahah!!


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It was looking great!

This actually just looks like a cool shadow effect. :-)

Maybe you can start up a daily or weekly comic strip with drawings like that!

I think people here on Steemit would eat up a regular comic strip as long as you did it properly. Just create the right kind of characters and have some good jokes and away you go!

I think it looks cool, artistic even. I love your posts, @KaylinArt. Thanks for encouraging me.

The truth is that this kind of mishap can happen to anyone, but I think you can start over if you want to or want to restore it from the beginning! I can see too much that eyes are your specialty, I love how they look in the drawing, the details are perfect.

Welcome to the world of being a leftie. This is how most of my school days went. Every essay written had big smears as my hand kept rubbing over the older letters.


Lots of Lefties on here! ;)


I think it's because lefties are meant to be more intelligent and creative than right handed people. I think we are meant to live longer as well which is good news.

Thats clean. I still draw anime like that with the eyes a little different.

I loved it. But It could be more beautiful if the pencil was dry. Always we learn something from tasks. ;)

Yikes! Looks like something i would do. Or id rest my hand over the yet to dry ink and smear it. Happens to the best of us!

Perhaps you can declare it as an artistic statement. I think it makes this particular piece unique. Charles Schultz made Pig Pen that way and made good money as a character in the Peanuts.

This happens to me all the time lol XD But your drawing looks good!

If I can make drawings like this, I wouldn't even bother about a mistake such as this. I'm just hopeless when it comes to art.

The Micron and Steadler fine liner dry almost instantly.

Awww :(
I use unipin (pretty cheap and last long) pens and they dry instantly. I'm too impatient to wait for ink to dry :D

Aha she looks shifty, like as though she knows the mistake is made!