Cool Blue, Mandala Popsocket Design Art (Original Work By Kaylinart)

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Screenshot 2018-08-25 20.44.15.png

While I have over 10,000 designs that I can convert to popsocket format, I figured it would be fun to hand draw some! I also can do simple step by step so you guys can see the process :)
Recently Merch By Amazon released Popsockets.
This intricate Mandala design is colorful, but I also wanted it to be relatively simple for those who don't want a variety of bright colors.

Note: All artwork, Unless otherwise noted. In my entire blog is mine. All rights reserved. Please do not attempt to distribute this artwork without my permission! No edits, Or repurposing. It's 100% mine! - Thank you.
Thank you Amazon for this great picture of a popsocket!

What Is A Popsocket?

It's one of those plastic things you often see people have on their phones. They are supposed to make it easier to hold your phone, But also you can stand it up to watch videos and do other things. I feel they are probably more effective with larger items such as tablets. But they can be used for cell phones too.

Screenshot 2018-08-25 20.41.40.png

The Start:

A range of blue sparkle design or splatters if you will. With a black Mandala outline blossoming from the middle.

Adding Detail

Adding more delicate details. Making it fun and unique!

Screenshot 2018-08-25 20.43.27.png

All Done!

Screenshot 2018-08-25 20.44.15.png

This was done with the Clip studio paint program, Drawn on my Wacom Cintiq

The Product :)



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Untitled design.png

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I wondered what the were called haha! Nice design, that would be cool to see before you plomp it down to stand your device up. :)


Right? Hehe They are bizzare little things! But they seem to be a trend for teens these days.

Have seen a lot of different designs on popsockets but this one looks a lot different from the usual once. The design looks fantastic.


Thank you :) I am trying to do some unique ones hehe.

very nice... i like mandalas :)

keep on the good works!
check my profile by the way if you find some time, i make a lot of art too :)

Have a great time, all the best!


-edga NOWARGraffitis


Thank you! I love mandalas too they are so fun to draw

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I tried to paint one time a mandala too... but with pens ;) ...
...i will paint more in future, they are really fun to draw and they look good!



-edga NOWARGraffitis

This was a very interesting design, looks simple but its very difficult to do.


Thank you! It’s not as difficult to draw as you’d think especially digitally heheb

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for me its difficult , coz i dont use digitally. hehehe

Never heard of Popsockets till today but This certainly wasn't easy. From a non artist view though, it looks quite lovely. Great job dear


Aww Thank you! Right? They sort of appeared out of nowhere hehe.

wow very fantastic, I like the design of his, ukirannya very impressive.


Thank you heheh :)


are you welcome.

Really cool! I've never heard of popsockets before or seen one! :O It's looks extremely useful even for phones, at least for me ^^
Lovely design and it looks so elegant. I love the details they look sort of hypnotizing, it would be nice to see it spinning :D

Where is the pic?

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Hi @kaylinart
Thank you for visiting my post


Wow! Fantastic details!

Wonderful, what is obvious here is the creativity of the editor, I'm sure you have many designs to pass them on to popsockets. I would like to see some!

Oh wow what a beautiful pattern!!! It looks kind of geometric !! A great idea , I guess when you have got the eye for it there is endless styles of creation you can do!

Beautiful mandala! I love the idea of this pop socket. Because i frequently get forearm cramps from the ipad mini i have to use at work. This might help and be cute at the same time

Great work kaylinart. It is surprising what you can do with computers nowadays. Haha. It's a lot of fun making logos for people with Paint 3D. I know I'm an amateur, but it's okay. Lol. Have you ever messed with fractals?

Wow, really impressive @kaylinart . The detail and creativity you have is really something else. Never had a popsocket for my phone but now that I have seen this post makes me want one :) Thanks for sharing.

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