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RE: Macarons - Testing Out Flavours.

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I really want the pineapple Cadbury chocolate ones! I can't believe I don't know the bars :o
They look perfect, it's very impressive that you can create things like that! What's the flavor of the macaroons on the right of the middle picture? I would guess Chai latte/green tea :)
Edited: lol I'm stupid. I had no idea what pandan was so I guess my brain ignored it and I assumed the left ones were coconut flavored. Sorry! That means pandan would be another thing I need to try


hehehe you should try the cadbury snack bar but the pineapple flavour filling one; usually they only have 1 or 2 of them in one snack lol I don't like the other flavours. Though they do sell just the pineapple one in some places. Its a limited edition one.

LoL, the left one was matcha green tea flavour.
You should try panda chiffon cake if you can get your hands on one. Usually the ones they sell at the stores are much sweeter. Or you can try making one at home. They are very yummy. But use the pandan extract instead of the leaves. MMMMmmmm I haven't made a pandan chiffon cake in a while. Maybe I ought to make one soon.

Interesting, I haven't seen them here yet but I will pay more attention to the candy shelves haha! I see that pandan chiffon cake is a Southeast Asian treat, I will try to look for it (or pandan extract) in Asian stores/restaurants. From the photos I see in google it seems to be the perfect thing to go with a cup of coffee! Thanks for broadening my culinary horizons :D

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