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The Majesty of Blackpool.
Acrylic on wood panel, 120x 60cm

OK calling this one finished now. No doubt there will be some tweaking as I have tendency to strive for perfection. The hardest part of a painting for me is knowing when to stop. I can easily over meddle and spoil it.

This painting views the Lancashire coast from Fleetwood looking toward Blackpool. Blackpool Tower stands in the far left of the painting with the sunset over the sea to the west.
Quite fond of this one.

Here are some of the progression pictures.

In the picture above, I didn't like how the clouds were going, they were getting too heavy and a bit too close to a realistic interpretation.

I painted over the sky and brightened up the colours in the foreground to the right.

Now I have softened the vivid colours in the right foreground and added a softer cloud in the centre of the sky.

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I used to live in a town called Chorley, not too far from Blackpool by train. I visited Blackpool many times and had good times playing on the penny pushers.


I know Chorley, I lived in Wigan for a couple of years. When I was younger my mum would take me to Camelot which is, I believe, in Chorley.

Very energetic painting :) Thank you for also sharing the progression pics. I follow you :)


yeh thank you, I do have a lot of energy early in the day. I wake around 4am. Much of this painting was painted in the hours between 4 and 7 am before I do some physical exercise/ training, get breakfast and get ready for my other Job.


Wow, impressive... I do most of my artworks after 1pm but often late in the night 2-4 am :D