🎨Watercolor portrait/🔴 Red is Red

in art •  7 months ago

For a long time I considered myself as a ''blue color'' person. All I could paint easily was something having blue as a dominant color.
But lately, with this new struck of experimenting with watercolor portraits, red became sort of obsession. How to control it, how to make it not to eat all the rest but still preserve it's strength.

And here is process of making another one, already living in a new house.

IMG_1534 a.jpg

Similar to previous process first was slight pencil sketch made, only face got some details, other parts were done pretty easy.
And as sketch was done, first made piles of water on her hair and putted spots of colors mixed already in bowls.
This was first layer of it. During the process of painting face and bottom part, colors are added more at some places.

IMG_1509 a.jpg

Since there is lot of flouting on paper, I never do upper part as same time as bottom. It takes time for letting it dry, but at the end you get rewarded with outcome.


And here also there is that waiting part for adding more color. It's necessary since if you don't wait colors can mix and become messy and ugly.

IMG_1508 a.jpg

While you wait, as I do, and since my studio is at my apartment, I do some house work like cleaning or cooking :)



And when it's all finished and done, you can start another one.
Hope you enjoyed this small intro of latest portrait work I made.
More are coming soon, that's for sure :)

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Great watercolor work! I love blue and also kind of stuck using that color. But I also did a lot with blue and red which could work well when used the right way :)

Woman in red — strongest attraction possible, @jungwatercolor :)

Well… with a few exceptions:


Moja asocijacija je uvek bila ovo, valjda zato sto me veze i za neko lepo vreme detinjstva i odrastanja
mislim, film je snimljen u to vreme i bio bas bas hit :)

They say that an art without red is blunt. I was afraid because I am not a red person.

Your watercolor art is truly great! Post more!

Very nice, lady in red.
I love the watercolor too. I follow you

I love the painting. The eyes especially are gorgeous!

Beautiful work again :-) I love red, it´s one of my favorite colors.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Beautiful piece. I will probably ruin the face LOL.

The red came out so nice! Maybe I should give warm tones another try. Seeing your recent work has inspired me and lately I’ve been thinking about doing more paintings in watercolor. Tomorrow’s a new day so maybe I’ll try to do some practice studies with paint. 😊


I have no doubt you will do and catch up with it pretty quick, seeing all your talents @vermillionfox watercolor will be peace of cake :)

I am adoring these. They are so fluid and joyful. I love red too, a great companion to the blue and green!

it's very very beautiful

Gorgeous painting!

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