Digital Oil / Noodle Mouth #3

in art •  2 months ago

This is the third in my series of Noodle Mouth digital oil paintings. I went with some bolder colours on this one, I love the combo of teal and red, I find they compliment each other quite well :)


He seems to be developing more detailed eyeballs as we go, perhaps he will develop a body in the near future?

Here is number two which is composed of cooler tones:

Full post:

I really love all the realistic texture these brushes bring into the piece, it's almost like you can see the wetness of the strokes!

And the first of the series in warmer tones:

Post here:

The software is Paint Storm Studio which is only 20$ for a lifetime use!

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Es perturbador.
Me ha gustado y me ha inquietado.
Gracias por compartirlo, aunque creo que soñaré con esa cara.


Jaja es un poco inquietante, te deseo buenos sueños y no miedos :)

Very compelling piece. You are a bit of an expert at creating such things.


Thanks, I'm a little scared by what comes out sometimes, but maybe it's better out than in :p

Hey that's super neat, I like the colors, that would make a nice printout for a hallway art display or something. So is that an app for a tablet?
I'm not that great at coming up with digital art but I love to see what others come up with it's so interesting... thanks

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Just realized I missed this comment, my desktop computer screen is actually a drawing monitor, it's called a huion graphics monitor like this:

Disturbing, but certainly a stunning work of art. This is amazing!!!

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do I see the follower of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? ;P
cool art