Deep Dreaming my art with my art, neural network love childs!

in art •  4 months ago

The Deep dream generator has been a long time favourite of mine. The suspense of uploading images, tweaking the settings and waiting to see what will come out is always a thrill! It's a bit of a roll of the dice, because sometimes they come out as duds, but sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised :)


The above art is the love child of the two following artworks, I love the way the colour distributed:

blooms and geisha.jpg

This one uses the same base, but I dreamed it with my Goddess art I made some time ago:


I love the softer aspect of this one, almost as if it has been given a faint wisp of watercolours, here are the parents:
goddess and blooms.jpg

I look forward to pairing up more of my artworks and making fun surprising little babies :)


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Oh wow!!! Interesting concept... maybe I should try that too some time :-o


I would love to see the results of this please do!

I have to agree with @reinhard-schmid ... Very interesting indeed! .. I just have to try it with my work sometime too. Where do you do this?

Saludos @juliakponsford, El arte es la expresión de sentimientos oculto que no terminamos de conocer y siguen saliendo líneas y colores que te llenan de inspiración y nunca termina.

This is really cool and I'm especially enamoured as it has a feel of that move towards man and machine ever encroaching on us. A wonderful result indeed. I might need to try it as well :)