Art Explosion Week 61 Winners! The theme was BIRDS! 20 STEEM in prizes!

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We have chosen the winners for week 60 of ART EXPLOSION, the theme this week was BIRDS! @vachemorte and I have finished our deliberations of these beautiful entries! We are are proud to announce 4 prizes this week! The total prize pool is 20 STEEM!

Our top winner this week is @yoogyart! I also included this in my curation because I was so impressed by the color and form! He wins 8 STEEM

@christianpoetry made this surrealist piece homunculus of Allan Poe & Dalí. They come in second and wins 6 STEEM:


@yomismosoy made this amazing reinvention of an older artwork RAVENS: ANNOTATIONS ABOUT A CULTURAL MANAGEMENT, he wins 3 STEEM:

I loved the process and ingenuity of this minimalist swan by @bidesign, he wins 3 STEEM:


We congratulate all the winners and want to thank each and every one of you for entering! The creative minds of Steemit continue to impress us! The next theme will be going up tomorrow and payments will be going out in the next day or two! Much love to you all for being so wonderfully creative!


Congratulations all. (u)Y

Wow! me siento muy muy muy feliz, muchas gracias! y grandes aplausos para estos grandes artistas. @yoogyart causo conmoción y gano mi atencíon. Es maravilloso el trabajo de mi hermano venezolano @yomismosoy, y siempre he visto el trabajo de @bidesign, siempre es muy creativo, me recuerda el que hizo de las ovejas demolida. Aplausos aplausos.

Gracias 😊👍👏✌️ Felicidades @christianpoetry

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☻Greetings to all you! First of all I want to congratulate the other winners, in particular my compatriot @christianpoetry, who surely knows what it means to be active in Steemit in the midst of the complex conditions in which we live here in Venezuela. Secondly, I would like to thank @juliakponsford and @vachemorte for having selected my humble artwork.
♥♥♥Thank you, Julia, for your constant support. It's very important to me ♥♥♥

Greetings from a Venezuelan artist. You are all very much loved ♥

congrats to all the winners!

🎉🥳Congratulations thanks a lot @juliakponsford

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to juliakponsford & vachemorte

Hi, @juliakponsford!

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