Parisian hidden gem of Magic and Wonder - Tour to 1900's Mysterious Fairground 时光机带我去19世纪的嘉年华会

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Today I take you, my dear Steemit friends to a magical fairground art museum in Paris. Weather you like museums or not, I believe you will enjoy this one.

Musée des Arts Forains (fairground art museum) is a private museum located in an old wine warehouse, Les Pavillons de Bercy. It all started when Jean Paul Favand, an actor and antique dealer, began collecting objects from fairgrounds and the entertainment world. For 40 years now, Jean Paul has been gathering and restoring his curiosities. All those objects boast undeniable aesthetic and cultural qualities, with the luxurious carvings and woodwork. The museum is only open upon reservation at some specific time of the week, beside being a museum, the venue can also be rent for special events.

Have you seen the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris? You might remember there was a special scene with the bike carousel. The scene was shot in this museum. I will take you for a ride in the bike carousel too. Let's go.

今天我要带Steemit的朋友去一个有魔力的地方 - 位于巴黎的嘉年华博物馆。虽然它叫做博物馆,但是人人可以参与其中,而非隔着玻璃窗看展品。所以不管你喜不喜欢博物馆,相信你都会爱上这里,只要有一颗童心。

这是一家私人博物馆,位于巴黎十四区的Bercy地区,曾是旧时的一个红酒仓库。法国演员,古董收藏家 Favand先生是一个古老嘉年华会的狂热爱好者。他收藏这些古董级的蜡像和旋转木马已有40余年。后来他建成了这个博物馆,把这些私人收藏完好的连接成一个个故事,展现在不同的展厅了,让这些属于一两个世纪前的精致艺术品,在今天继续向世人展现曾经的故事和意义。由于是私人博物馆,来这里参观必须要预约,也不是每天都开放。除了博物馆,这里也为有兴趣的人开放场馆租赁,以举办鸡尾酒会之类,想必价格不菲。


Paris 018.JPG

Paris 021.JPG

There're three parts in the huge pavilion: The Theater of Marvels, The Venetian Rooms and The fairground art museum, all of which filled with a huge private collection of carnival attractions from yesteryear - rides, midway games, animatronics... Each room is cleverly lighted and theatrically displayed. The buildings are connected by a cobbled street planted with century old chestnut trees. They were meant to keep the wine cold as these building were parts of a former wine market which covered the entire neighborhood of Bercy. Many interesting decorations can be found here between the trees.


Paris 046.JPG

Paris 030_meitu_1.jpg

Paris 031.JPG

Paris 039.JPG

Paris 041.JPG

Paris 045.JPG

Paris 034.JPG

Paris 048.JPG

That rabbit from Alice in wonderland. I can already feel it's a curious place just by wandering in the garden, before getting into any of the salons.


Paris 097.JPG

The first part I visit was The Theater of Marvels. Here natural and man-made curiosities take us on a journey into imagination. When getting into the pavilion, everyone was "WOW!". I felt as entering a dreamland full of wonders, the atmosphere was really special. It contains a cabinet of curiosities and a huge ballroom.


Paris 052.JPG

Paris 058.JPG


This flying elephant is an object created by Jean Paul Favand himself. It reminds me of the movie Around the World in 80 Days. It's composed of a 19th century carousel top carrying a merry-go-round elephant with on its back a 1800's boîte à rêver.


Paris 055.JPG

Paris 063.JPG

Paris 069.JPG


Paris 076.JPG




In this cabinet of curiosities, there's Esmeralda patroness dancing in the middle of the room, a tree capable of growing legs, a pig-shaped carousel and lots of curios.

展厅里面有《舞吧,我的爱斯玛拉达》里面的舞者,能够长出腿的树,褚形状的木马…… 完全出乎想象。

Paris 070.JPG



Paris 093.JPG

The ballroom of The Theater of Marvels is surrounded by a unicorn and waxwork silhouette. It has an Art Deco box with a Mortier Organ from 1932 that can mimic 12 musicians. Are you ready to dance?


Paris 080.JPG


I enjoyed playing The Palio di Sienna game based on a folkloric horse race taking place twice per year in Sienna, Italy. The rule is of course trying to get to the first place, but never the second place. Because in Sienna's tradition, if you got the second place, it's your turn to buy drinks for the whole village. I was lucky because I got the fifth place, instead of second place. LOL.


Paris 154.JPG

Paris 107.JPG


Paris 108.JPG


Paris 112.JPG

The Venetian rooms are homage to Venice and its carnival, through a historic decor. One part of the room is a super cool imaginary merry-go-round highlighting the traditional Venetian Gondolas and a bridge over the symbolic Venetian Grand Canal. The other room is a Venetian Opera. This was also my favorite part of the whole visit. I got a chance to hear part of the opera, surrounded by Colombine, Arlequin and even Casanova. It was a fun way for me to learn and discover this old Venetian tradition.


Paris 027.JPG

Paris 122.JPG

Paris 119.JPG

Paris 118.JPG

The last part of the visit was The Fairground museum. During the 19th century, the fair became popular in France, England, Germany and Belgium. It was a place to discover new inventions and to dream. The museum is inspired by the amazing decorations and objects from La Belle Epoque (between 1880's and 1920's). For someone growing up in Asia such as me, it was a wonderful way to feel European culture from its best ages.



This barrel organ was made in Belgium. It was like a Mp3 player from the Belle-Epoque. The music it plays is super loud and can be heard from miles away. It was used to attract and delight fun fair visitors.



Paris 142.JPG

Paris 131.JPG


Paris 152.JPG

Paris 144.JPG

Paris 145.JPG



I spotted many magical objects here and tried a few rides on the merry-go-round.

Have you ever seen a bicycle carousel? Maybe in Midnight in Paris? Woody Allen came here to film a party scene. Actually when pedal system was invented in 1860s, there were more bicycles on carousels than in the streets. This bicycle can go up to 40mph, much faster than a normal horse carousel. I had great fun riding the bicycle carousel.

I spent more than 2.5 hours in this super magical place and only wished it could be even longer. I highly recommend for an off the beaten path experience, especially if you are into old school carnival contraptions!





Je suis allé deja quelques fois à Paris. Mais je ne connaissais ce musee des arts forains pas du tout. J'ai découvert ce lieu quand j'ai fait des recherches sur les " hidden gem " de Paris. j'ai adoré ça vraiment, ça m'a rendu très heureuse.

Pour quelqu'un comme moi qui ai grandi en Asie, la visit c'etais demi de rêve. Je n'avais jamais vu autant d'attractions forains et de manèges. Fete foraines sonts pas aussi magnifique que celle d'avant. La visite c'etais comme un voyage merveilleux et poétique dans le temps. Pas seulement parce que tous les manèges, jeux ou les statues de cire, décors et la musique sont anciens, mais aussi parce que la visite m‘a fait retomber en enfance.

C'est un musée privé, un propriétés de le acteur Jean Paul Favand, donc la visite guidée et reservation sont obligatoires. Le guide est tres drôle et sympathique. Il a raconté beaucoup d'histoire de ces lieux.

Il etais une très belle découverte à Paris pour moi. Je voudrais la recommander à mes chers Steemians.

Thanks for reading!


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What a dreamlike place!

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I have never seen a bicycle like this ! Wow what a ride ! Those days were awesome !

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