ArtVndngMchn 2 NFT Packs Launch July 10th

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ArtVndngMchn is a fine art NFT collection wrapped in randomized bundles on WAX blockchain. Series 2 goes on sale July 10th, 2021 at 9am PST. (Series 1 sold out in 26 seconds.)
• 25% donated to MERCYworldwide's Real MERCY School, Okobaba, Nigeria.
• 22 artists contribute some of their best artworks.
• Fine artists from 6 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Italy, USA.
• 214 original rare digital artworks minted in a variety of rarity levels, including 74 Mythic editions of only 1.
• Themes: Uplifting, positive, hopeful, fun, inspiring.
• Artists: Anna, Denise, Joe, Luke & Maria Chiappetta, Bruce Bachelder, Beth Cohen, Donna Fenton, Caleb Hudson, ilan katin, Isa Kost, mBlu, Laerth Motta, Sean O'Kana, Holly & Mike Rende, Rare Scrilla & Rare Junior, Robness, Vanesa Stati, Dunja Zubak (Dunas), Marko Zubak.
• Multiple artist families and communities represented: including father/son, mother/son, husband/wife, husband/wife/children, church family, SoCal community, as well as cryptoart OGs, the members, members, and more.
• Curated by Joe Chiappetta from sunny Southern California.
• 4 NFTs = Standard Pack $12.50 (USD in WAX): lower chance of rarer art--with only 2,000 packs available.
• 8 NFTs = Master Pack $125 (USD in WAX): much higher chance of rarer art, containing only Mythic, • Legendary, and Epic rarities--with only 211 packs available.
• 9688 total NFTs available.
• Using AtomicHub cryptoart marketplace.

Official Sale Page:


Congratulations @joechiappetta, your post won 2nd prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!

Wow that is so exciting. Thanks