New Gif Animation-battle of roosters BY Jesusmedit

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In a barn, two roosters lived in peace and tranquility, both were friends. But one day a new hen arrived and both fell in love with her. And so begins a war for the love of the hen.

The two cocks pealed continuously, forgotten the true value of friendship. The winner was a strong rooster, who received the praises of other chickens for their strength and courage.

The rooster feeling very proud climbed on top of the henhouse to brag about his victory. With a strong quiquiriquiiiii, inadvertently caught the attention of a falcon volava nearby and the rapáz bird with its claws as daggers trapped giving death to the rooster who was proud.

Let no one boast of his triumph, because you never know what can happen

"Let no one boast of his triumph, because you never know what can happen"

Thankful always with, @c-squared, @curie, @ocd, @art-venture for your support!!

Animacion Finalizada



Imagen (271).jpg


Imagen (276).jpg


Imagen (277).jpg


Imagen (282).jpg

Finished Animation:

  • Paper

  • Graphite pencils 4H, H, 2B, 6B

  • Draft

  • Clean type

jesus medit.jpg

Copyright @jesusmedit- All rights reserved



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It is a nice combination of story and drawing. Also that reminds me my childhood cartoons :)