Painting and sculpting dingoes for an exhibition

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This was part of the crush exhibition where myself and a handful of artists were challenged with creating artworks relating to the Australian environment, wildlife conservation and raising awareness about waste and pollution.

111 Jeremy 2 2.jpg

P1011317 (2)2.jpg

early stages planning and development. Here's one of the polymer sculptures almost finished.

P1011318 2.jpg

111 Jeremy 2 2.jpg

I had an old Jerry can laying around and decided to put it to use. The artwork was titled "arid" a slight play on the unrelenting thirst of the mining and fracking companies in Australia.

P1011333 2.jpg

These guys will go on each end of the canvas seen further down.

P1011343 2.jpg

This was the second attempt at sculpting a larger Dingo, the first version was not able to be fired. I had to work quicker to hollow out the sculpture before it had completely dried out.

P1011335 (2) 2.jpg

P1011345 2.jpg

P1011346 2 2.jpg

15045815_10154642469628290_1923314844_n 2.jpg

P1011326 (2) 2.jpg

112 Jeremy 22.jpg

mock up 11.jpg

storenvy shirt mock 2.jpg

I was also asked to do some promotional T-shirt designs where I incorporated elements from other artists works into the drawing. I've been on a short hiatus due to moving to a new place, being unwell and general chaos of life. Looking forward to posting again real soon.

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Awesome work, Jeremy! :-D
Those sculptures are looking really cool. Such great expressions in their "faces."


Thanks man, appreciate it!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Wow, another amazing post, Jeremy. I like looking at all the stuff that you have made in this post :D.
Don't worry about taking a short break, as long as you come back XD.


Thank you! I figured I was well over due!

Great work as always! :)


Thank you Tais!

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These are amazing, @jeremyrfk ! I love also how they are trying to raise awareness for Australian's nature and animals <3 And about conservation and about pollution !!!

Really important and meaningful causes !!!

I really admire how your artworks have applications and influence in these causes, you are a really inspiring figure to me :)

The pieces are all very lovely, individually. I love all of them. You are simply amazing !


Thank you very much for the kind words @veryspider : )

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Incredible! I see you are a versatile artist.


Thanks man

that is awesome work @jeremyrfk, the painting dog on the jerry can is fantastic. the t-shirt with the pain looks nice. keep steeming on


Thank you kindly!

Interesting drawings!
I like Animals and in particular dogs. I always enjoy watching this kind of works.
Congratulations and Steem on!

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Thank you @Moncia90 !


You are welcome, my dear!😊👍
However I am moncia90 and I am a man...😅
Do not worry, because it is a usual mistake by some users!
Have a nice day

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Lol! I realized that after I typed it out and quickly edited it!


No problem, ma!!!
Have a nice Sunday!

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