Painting an Armenian soldier playing the piano

in art •  6 months ago

Quick study of a soldier playing an abandoned piano. The photograph was taken in 1992 by German Avagyan and I thought it would be an interesting picture to recreate.

russian soldier piano 11.jpg

The original photo was quite dull, I altered the colours and saturation to be more blue to create more contrast with the red piano. I started off with a high contrast black and white painting and added more mid tones, details and colours as it progressed.


I had been trying out some new brushes too but I often find that you can get pretty good results just using the standard brushes. I used some other tools in this piece including the Burn tool on the red piano and the blur tool in the background.

Thanks for looking!

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Very interesting work, Jeremy! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks mate!

I think you brought drama into this, with the more pronounced colour palette :) Nice artistic reproduction, @jeremyrfk ! The animated gif really shows the art's journey well, too <3 Love it !

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Awww this is a sweet scene. It also reminds me of a movie that I feel complicated about. I like the movie but I don't like the director XD.
Anyway it has nothing to do with your lovely art. Very nice and evocative art, Jeremy ^_^.