Dead Lift skeleton drawing

in art •  5 months ago  (edited)

sticker mock deadlift 2 22.jpg

Fun little design I put together a little while ago for my online store and brand. I have been into fitness on and off since I was around 18 and decided I had to do something relating to that.

P1011319 22 2.jpg

Here's the rough sketch I started out with. I've been through slumps like most others and staying focused, disciplined and continuing training has always helped me to come through the other side intact

Untitled-1 2.jpg

sticker mock deadlift 4 2.jpg

I tested the design out on some T-shirts and stickers. It has been one of my best sellers to date to which I am always grateful for.

Thanks for looking!

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Awesome @jeremyrfk!!! 💫

BTW have you heard of nTOPAZ?
It's a cool steem based paltform for posting art :3


Thanks Luis! I will check it out and try posting there next time.

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I really like the ... pose, it looks really solid as if I can see the musculature and flesh ... even though he is only a skelly :D Really neat, @jeremyrfk !

I see melo has mentioned nTopaz :)

The UI is a little clunky at the moment, and they (for some inexplicable reasons) will downgrade your artwork's resolutions. They will also take 15% cut off your payout but there is a chance to get picked for their daily upvotes. I am a curator there, (so is scrawly) and so if you have any questions, let me know~ I'll help! :)


Thanks @veryspider! I will keep that in mind. I assume it is not possible to post both video clips and images in a single post, In any case i'll probably keep that type of content for steemit.

This design is well done, pretty attractive and memorable. And you draw very lovely skellies... I've been noticing this for sometime now :D.
As spider said, give nTopaz a try. I thought you gonna do it months ago when we talked about it :).


Thank you, Skellies are my pride and joy.

I cant remember if it was ntopaz, I had some issues with posting and gave up!

Great work!