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Hi Steemians!😀

This is my latest caricature, he is @nanzo-scoop !!!😃 a legend on Steem!👊😁🤸‍♂️

I made this hand drawing to let him know I'm so thankful for having his support!😄 He has supported thousands of steemians from years ago providing value to the community. My friend @stackin says that the support he brings is essential for the future success of STEEM and with more people like himself we can see Steem going to the moon!🌚🚀👊😄🙌

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

So you can pay back to him through his Patreon account where he provides exclusive content for his supporters! Please👼

Become a supporting member of Nanzo-Scoop Patreon HERE:

I created this caricature inspired on his video👀

I love how nice and positive he looks!!!💪😉

I used pencils and crayons🖍✏

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

I'm @jenina619 and here is my proof!🖼🎨


jenina619 (1).gif

Animation: @zord189

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✏I'm taking commissions! Contact me🔜 Discord: jenina619#8764

Please Upvote, Comment, Resteem, Donate or Delegate to support my artwork! Thank you!😘

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Great artist. Love the details and shades!

Many thanks!!!😁😁😁🎈🎉

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You are so talented!!

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jaja gracias!😄😄😄

Me tienes que responder en ingles para que sea mas divertido! XD okno, pero en serio, que genial tus dibujos :3

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Ahah thank you🤣👍🏻😃

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Thanks for the drawing.... and all the love! Much appreciated!

Thank you so much to you for leaving this nice comment!!!😊😊😊 makes me so HAPPY you appreciate it! Hughes from Venezuela!💕🤗

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You really captured that fine positive look of @nanzoscoop and it's wonderful that you are highlighting him and his support here on Steemit!
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you dear friend!😊😊😊☄

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you got his big broad smile spot on! well done, what a fun drawing

Ahah thank you friend! I love it you enjoy my caricatures!😀

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Beautiful drawing - beautiful artist! Love that style...

Hi friend!👋🏻😁 Thank you so much, now I'm following you, you have amazing photography! Congrats!👏🏻

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That’s a great picture! The dude is awesome! Resteemed 😎

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Ahhha💪😉 I think the same & I love his positive energy and cool vibes!😁😁😁 Thank you so much for your support!!!👼😘 you're also awesome🏆

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You’re a badass! No worries 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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You have some good skills, I can see why you are killing it here on Steemit!

Thank you so much my friend!😁 now I'm following you!🙌

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Tienes muy buen talento

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Muchas gracias amigo!!!👍🏻😁🎉

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Wonderful drawing! It's a very good likeness! You are so talented!

Thank you friend it's great to know you like it!😊🌻

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So so awesome! This wonderful man and valuable steemian is my “angel” from day one! Thanks @nanzo-scoop ! 🌺

Yes he's an Steem angel!😊👼

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Hello @jenina619, you have a great talent. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot my dear🌹

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You are on a role my dear you produce alot !

Thank you Britt!!🤗 Hughes!!🌹 #powerhousecreatives

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great for show your talent. finally i follow you and resteem. wait for next.

Ahahahh it's great to know that!👍🏻😃 thank youuu🎶

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That's awesome! You captured that "nice and positive" vibe perfectly. Well done!

It's really nice to hear that!!😀😄😄😄

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Beautiful, wonderful, wonderful ... missing words ... Your smile is not changing is amazing ... all the best fro you from @aple

Ahaah thank you!😄

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@jenina619 Interesting concept and drawing! ((:

Keep up the good work! <3

Aaahah I'm glad you enjoy my artwork😁 thank you!!!😘

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Oh wow very good! :)