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🌸 CryptoLunch 🍟 Tea Party 🍭 with Justin Sun and Warren Buffet 🥂
This July 25th promises to be a famous, interesting and notable event ever happened throughout Crypto history...


All CryptoEyes👀 are on Justin Sun a blockchain entrepreneur founder of the cryptocurrencyplatform TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent who plans to catch a big fish named Warren Buffet to introduce him into CryptoWorld😀

Justin won a bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett, paying $4.57 million😲 as Mr.Buffet is an old fashioned man who warned investors not to invest in Bitcoin.. "Bitcoin is probably Rat Poison squared", he said😱 He also said that trading in cryptocurrencies is just dementia!✋😅



First Justin invited CZ Binance but...






Fortunately Charlie Lee AKA "Chikun"🐓 the Litecoin creator took the job! 👏🏻😉💰

Will Chikun make Buffet an offer he can't refuse?... 🔫😬


..Or will this lunch end badly as Cryptocurrency as Mr.Rat..sorry Mr.Buffet predicted? 🤔😢

Lets stay tunned and sooner than later we'll know it😃🤣

Meanwhile I keep my fingers crossed for you Justin!🤞😁🍀











CryptoLunch & Tea Party!😅🍹🍦🍰🍞⏰🐰🌷



What if Warren Buffet doesn't think he will invest in.....


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Very well done and amazing art!!! Incredible talented and such a lovely lady. Will be interesting to what comes of this. Thanks for sharing!

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Let's stay tunned ahah😁 meanwhile it's bringing attention to Crypto!

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Hehe warrant buffet does no look to please. Perhaps he was server a day old tea to go with his normal day old newspaper! Must be why he’s not into crypto always getting old news. Love it.

Ahahah Warrant!🤣

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so hot 💖🔥😏


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Rat Poison?? So funny! This a good one 😂😅

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Will it be an "all you can eat Buffet"? 😏 😁

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Ahahah for that price even the table and cutlery should be edible!😅

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Haha that really would be an all you can eat 😂 "everything must go"

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You never stop having fun! This was really informative, in addition to being hilarious!

Eheh I'm glad you liked the post!🤗🐰☄💟

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LOL... you are funny and informed.😁

Ahahhh!!! To be Cryptoinformed is a must these days👍😉

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Lovely art you have right there! Great job!

Ahahah thank you very much😊

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Should be a very interesting lunch date. I wish I was at the next table over, I'd be seriously eavesdropping 😎

I love your art, great drawings! ❤

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Ahah maybe you are among the rest of the guests still not announced by Justin!😉

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😀😂👌❤ 😍


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This one is cute. And you are funny.! =)

Justin is! Ahah🤣

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It's a very funny drawing, I like it.

Ahah nice!!😁 thanks for your comment😊

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Very cute drawing! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks fpr checking it!😉

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Thanks for checking it!😉

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lol, love your illustration! You should consider entering in some art contest

Thank you🤗

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Nice to know it😉

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