CryptoCartoon of Dan & lovely family!💙

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Hello Steemians!🖐😁

I made a CryptoCartoon of Dan @theycallmedan and his beautiful family!❤😄🎨

As you must know Dan is an awesome Steemian and a kind whale who has been doing an amazing job for our Blockchain🐳📈🙌supporting lots of Steemians!

He is also co-founder of a new platform providing a censor-free environment for content creators who have been deplatformed or demonetised by large tech companies!

👀Take a look and please support his latest initiative in behalf of STEEM community:

Promo-Steem Revival

I used pencil and crayons to create this cryptoart🖍


Thanks for all your support Dan you are a Steem~Angel🙏👼 Wishing you and your wonderful loved ones infinite blessings☄



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🙏 Donate to keep my Cryptoart rolling if you like it!

🌟 Thanks for your support! 💙🎨

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rt01lr.pngThis is great ! He must be happy to have such a wonderful tribute 😊

Aahwww Blu Wonky made my day!😄💙 Thanks🙏

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Love your CryptoCartoon of Dan and family! And I agree @theycallmedan has done some really wonderful things for Steem and the Steem community!
Thanks for bringing his latest initiative to our attention and thanks for sharing your CryptoCartoon!

Glad you liked the post my friend🤗

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This is amazing, thank you so much Jenina!

Happy you liked!😊 Thanks to you for all you do for our STEEM Blockchain!!!🙏🙌

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Once again, pretty damn good! I had to share it! #Resteemed :)

Thank you very much for the support! You're Steemfabulous!!!😃😀🙌🙌🙌🎉

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Nice art

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Thank you very much😊 glad you liked it!🙌😁

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It’s beautiful, I always love your artwork.

Thank you🙏 glad you appreciate it!

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well done, super amazing

Thank you

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I remember the similar picture when he got married


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