A Funny Redfish In My Office - @silviabeneforti Joins the STEEM Office Art Gallery

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A Funny Redfish In My Office

@silviabeneforti Joins the STEEM Office Art Gallery

My STEEM Office Art Gallery continues to grow. This time I added a piece by the very talented @silviabeneforti. My STEEM Office Art Gallery now consists of 6 different paintings from 6 different artists that shared their work here on the STEEM blockchain. @silviabeneforti has been posting her artwork on STEEM since early 2017.

This oil on paper piece by @silviabeneforti shows a funny little Redfish floating amongst a grey background. Here on the STEEM blockchain, a Redfish is a user that has between 0 and 1,000 STEEM Power staked. There are lots of funny redfishes across the network, so I thought this was a perfect addition to the STEEM Office Art Gallery.


As you can see by the packaging, this artwork was mailed across the ocean from Italy. It arrived much quicker than anticipated. @silviabeneforti took the time to make sure it was packaged neat, safe and properly. She also included a nice postcard.


Below is a look at @silviabeneforti's work in progress. You can check out her full post here: https://steemit.com/art/@silviabeneforti/a-funny-red-fish-oil-on-paper-

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I acquired the Funny Redfish from @silviabeneforti's store in the STEEM-based marketplace, @homesteaderscoop. You can check out the @homesteaderscoop here: https://homesteaderscoop.com/

The Funny Redfish painting now hangs on the wall in my office across from my desk, as seen in the photo below.

Be sure to give @silviabeneforti a follow!



The STEEM Office Gallery

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Want to Join My STEEM Office Art Gallery?

If you are an artist that uses the STEEM-platform to showcase your work, I would love to feature you in my STEEM-based Office Art Gallery. Reach out in the comment section if you'd like to send art to be added to the Wall of STEEM!

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That is such a cool piece and a great addition to your office art

That is such a cool
Piece and a great addition
To your office art

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

thanks @tattoodjay. Nice haiku!

LOL I couldnt write one if I tried LOL

LOl the Haiku bot often visits me and if I tried to write one I would not be able to LOL

Wow! Way to support the Steem-o-sphere by curating Steem art. Bravo! Have a non-alcoholic !BEER. !trdo voter !giphy painting

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

A lovely work here by Sylvia my friend.

thanks cheers!

👌 💪 👌

good draw

wow, so happy to know everything was ok and such a beautiful frame for the red fish, great!! Thanks so much, dear Jeff!!! Warm hugs from Italy ^_^

I've already got a few nice compliments on it from co-workers and others that have been into my office over the past week. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

Excellent !! :)

A growing collection - super!