I Finally Got My Money Back...

in art •  6 months ago

Hi, Steem friends!

On Sunday, I finally got my money back from Vipps after they had been lost for a week.
No apologies or explanation! And now they are going to conquer the world as well.

I transferred the money the old school way to the seller...

...And got this hand-finished version of Love Cops by Martin Whatson.


I like the motive with the graffitied police shields.

What do you think?

Do you perhaps have some artwork by MW you like to share?


Another artist I fancy is Fredrik Værslev that is currently having a solo exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum. As a strange coincidence, I talked with my ex-stepmother and she mentioned, as I had forgotten, that she is a friend of the owner of the museum. Norway is certainly small country.

FV was appearantly motived by the awnings in his childhood home and I can see that:

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.31.39.png

Fredrik Værslev, Untitled (Canopy Painting, Cream and Orange VII), 2012.


Photo taken by me 3 hrs ago

Photo of Love Cops and awning taken by @janusface on October 2 2018 with a Huawei P20 Pro (no editing)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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good report..interesting..and thanks for support in past..see some of the latest and quite accurate.

Hey Mr Face! Just stopping by to say hello. Been a while. Trying to reconnect with my people after the HF 20. Glad you got your money back. Very Shady indeed. I'm now relocated to Odessa Ukraine for a month. Got my self an nice small apartment all included for about $275 a month. Same thing would be a 1,000 a month back home in Albany New York, but better food, better weather, and I've got the beaches of the black sea just down the road. Would be on my way to Thailand right now, but I'm holding off for Steemfest in neighboring Poland. Got to be some where so here I am. Thanks for your continued support of my blog and hope you are well. -Dan


Seems like you living a bachelor's dream in the East. 275$ is cheap. You can multiply that number by 10 to get some reasonable in Oslo. I have not traveled much lately, but I am going to Bergen (been there?) to take a course. Bergen is a lovely former Hanseatic city in the Western part of Norway. Recommended! Ukraine is definitively on my list of places to visit. Perhaps next summer. Take care!


Hey, I must have missed this message. Thanks for taking the time. Bergen, no I have not but I'm sure it is nice and you'll most likely enjoy the change. Yes, Ukraine, I'm enjoying my apartment...pay less get more! I'm thinking you would like it here too! Have a great day! -Dan

It's good to hear you got your money back! But it took more time than expected! It's not a good way or a type of trustful business model either! Anyway, I like that artwork! Prof you have very interesting eye sight which could collect great arts as well!
After all, I wish all police men should wear like that artwork says lol :D Coz they are wonderful in that way!



Thanks! Hopefully, crypto will replace the banking syndicates (eventually).

Losing money sucks but at least u got it back 😬

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

On a related note, I've had around 100 kNOK in a frozen bank account for almost two months now without any explanation given. I guess I should complain a bit more loudly than what I've done until now.


That sucks! I do not know if writing a Steemit post will help, but I would be happy to read about your story. 100 kNOK is a lot of money, so the whole thing sounds pretty crazy to me. Norwegians banks are not allowed, according to my understanding, to steal the client's money though, so I guess you will get them back eventually.


I've just been selling Bitcoins. I've had issues with different banks earlier (including frozen banks account), I thought Nordea was the worst, but this one really tops it all. Well, I'm very good at procrastination, and I don't really want to spend energy on this - I've written a number of complaints through the contact-form in the banking system, and got a reply on my first message: "the person that will look into the case is ill and will be back tomorrow". Of course I should have escalated through other means of contact. This is Sparebank1, so they have lots of local outlets where it's actually possible to talk with people.

I do know there have been more than a handful of scam issues, despite that I'm trying to prevent it as much as I can. One of the issues is when some scammer gets someone to pay in advance to my bank account for goods they want to "sell" on our online market place finn.no, at the same time as they contact me and want to "buy" bitcoin. In the cases where the victim has been reaching out to me, I've usually offered 50% payback or 75% payback on the condition that they include all my documentation if they report it to the police - and sometimes even 100% payback, on the condition that they will report the case to the police and include all documentation from my side, but no ... the fraud victims always wants 100% payback, and that without forwarding my documentation to the police. Some of them are threatening to make my life miserable. My guess is that it's one of those fraud victims that have told the bank to freeze my account.

From my point of view I believe I'm morally obliged to share the loss with the fraud victims, but I don't think I have a legal responsibility. The scammer had an agreement with the victim that he would send an iPhone, but broke this agreement - from a legal point of view I don't really think that concerns me. The scammer had an agreement with me that I would send bitcoins when I got money on my account, and I upheld my part of the agreement.

The biggest problem is that I often hear about those cases long after the fact, hence instead of one fraud case there can be 5-6 fraud cases. Then I think a bit about what I can do to protect myself against such frauds and change my rules. Then the fraudster thinks a bit, finds some smart way to get around my new rules, and manage to fraud some 5-6 more people before I've figured out.

I love that graffiti.. glad to hear you got your money back too


Yes. I am happy I got them back. Glad you liked it, and I see that you are into colorful art yourself: Upvoted!

I do not know why, but you remind me of Gordon Gekko, mixing art with business. Is cool...


Thanks! Because art IS business!

Great to know that the money is returned back to you awesome that look :)

Congrats happy to know u got your money back.

Hello, I am very happy that you recovered your money, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the support you have given me in my publications. Congratulations!!

@janusface, Absolutely I'm really happy to got your money back from vipps. Amazing graffiti of police shields. It has awesome stylish.

It's good to hear you got your money back.Have a great time!

That riot police arrt is wicked I thought it might have been an original Banksy when I saw the pic I love it! 👊


Re-Steemed! 🔀🌫👍

I did not know Martin Whatson, but I have searched some of his works in Google Images, and they look really good, I wish that all grafitti artists did works like his, instead of the bad signatures that I always see painted on some wall . Congratulations on your acquisition!