Rhino Oil Study on Linen Panel (un-primed surface)

in #art5 years ago

I did three quick animal studies on a linen canvas panel that was kicking around my studio for some time. What was new to me with this one is that the panels were not covered by white gesso, so the linen texture and color remained visible in the background.


And that was the whole point of doing these studies- to do only the animal and instead of painting the background landscape, leaving the raw linen visible, which , in my opinion, gave it a really nice look.

Today I will show you how I did the Rhino in 4 simple steps and next time I'll show you the elephant. How does that sound?



Yes I write reminders on my easel not to forget. Actually the 1 and only MOST IMPORANT reminder!




Out of the 3 animals that I did (Lion, Rhino and elephant), the rhino is my favorite. I think I really nailed the light and composition.

Altogether it was around 1, maybe 1 and half hour of work.

Thank you for following and supporting my work, I never take that for granted!

Much Love to all of you,


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hanes forest light large 2.jpg


I really like this, Jan :D The way you captured the rhino's portrait without the background really calls to attention its noble features ! I love how you painted the folds and characters of its face, what a magnificent creature the rhinoceros is :)

And haha, I love that slogan you painted on your easel, very much! :D :D :D

I agree in all possible ways @veryspider. Rhino is just such a majestic animal, same as elephant. It should be venerated by all humans, never ever killed. Much Love. Instagraaaaaam! :)

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Hey @jankasparec,
your masterpiece refreshes me the emotions (felt over twenty years ago) during the sighting of the rhino, one of the big 5 in the South African photographic safari: thank you so much! 🤗

When art succeeds in re-evoking emotions, it has achieved its purpose, right? 🥰

A warm hug from @amico!

Hi @amico! Sorry I missed your lovely comment. Following you now :) Much Love!

Thanks. I'm following you with true joy!

A huge hug

I love rhinos :-)
Full 100% and a clear resteem.

Thank you bruder @lichtblick! Much appreciated! See you soon!

It's nice to see this study from you as it's so very different to what I'm used to see from you (that would be of course the last photo :))

I'm looking forward to seeing the other two studies :) This one looks very good. I think it's also because of Rhinos color that is kind of matching the background. And I like that the background is not painted. It makes me think of nature and it makes the painting feel 'real'.

Thank you for sharing Jan! Have a great start of the week!

Thank you so much my friend @delishtreats! today I will serve a more delicious treat than a small study. Make sure to check it out :) Much Love your way!


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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@veryspider is behind half of goodness on Steemit, I knew it ! :D Many kind thanks your way!

Wow this is inspiring and impressive, love the contrast.
and Rhinos are amazing!
following! and upvoted.

@jankasparec, You are reflecting as Awakened Artist and definitely you are filling life and true expression in your art. Enjoy your art world and stay blessed.

@chireerocks brother thank you so much for your kind words. Immensely appreciated <3

Welcome and thank you so much.

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