D R A G O N * T A M E R , original oil. Too Sexy To Tame?

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Dooooone! My complete rework of my 3 years old 8 footer (244cm) has reached it's final brush stroke.

dragon queen 1 logo.jpg

If you missed the process beginning process, read here:


And if your'e too busy to do that (chances are that you are since everyone else is:),

...then just know that the painting which I'll show you today used to be this:

Jungle queen logo.jpg

and bit later like this:

dragon process 1.jpg

then this:

dragon process 2.jpg

and then this:

dragon process 3.jpg

There's quite a few things that I realized in this creative process.
One of them was that an "appropriately" dressed woman can look just as sexy as a naked woman.

And obviously by "appropriately" I mean wearing sexy shorts:P

Cause frankly, I consider these short the peak of my artistic expression to this date!


dragon queen 1 detail.jpg

Second thing that I learned is that I might be just as well entering a new phase of my art career.
The phase of "fantasy" touched by slight brush of pop art.

These things just keep on coming to my mind lately. They seem like from a comics book, which I never thought as anything that would interest me.

Oh well, cheers to another breath of fresh air!! I love embracing changes!

This was when I was about 1/3 though. Dragon tamer was still naked and the dragon looked like shit:) The most work came from all the details such as the trees, the petals in the air, the sky, the light, the throne decorations, the divine geometry patterns on the pillars upon which the 3 lions stand, and the lions themselves.

hanes dragon 1.jpg

As you can see below, the final result changed the painting for the better


dragon queen 1 logo.jpg

Or so I hope!

I am working on 2 new big projects simultaneously now, both of them commissions, but this time I will enjoy them a lot, regardless of the mind-imposed pressure (expectations...).

Thank you for reading, upvoting, resteemind and following me!!

Much Love to All!


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hanes dragon queen 1.jpg

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I love this painting sooo much! I think she will be the only woman who is dressed in your paintings :P


Yeah right? That's a good observation :) I don't like clothes too much, you know me @gladysmak :)

I love what you have created!

It’s great to see this step by step working!
After you have painted it it’s more glory and shining.
The colors you use are fantastic!!!!
Great job! Great artwork and artist you are!

Full compliments to ya.


Thanks so much @akashas ! Appreciate your words, well received <3

Great one, would look good in an ayahusca retreat


@viraldrome that's a sick idea. I got other pieces tho that would look even better at an mother aya type of venue. Thanks for your comment!

Amazing painting, @jankasparec ! There's so much power and beauty in this one, and the colours are so vivid, also !! I love it !


Big thanks as always brother!

There are many beautiful pictures from this type of post. A lot of great posts.


Woww Very beautiful painting. Really i love your painting....my dear friend jankasparec

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