Bitcoin Jesus. My First Crypto Painting. Cast in 24 karat Gold.

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The time has come to reveal my first art inspired by the crypto world. I thought that BTC fork day might not be a bad day to pop the news.

Bitcoin Jesus center.jpg

Here comes the Bitcoin Jesus! It took me a while to paint it because I undecided about the background. I finally decided to use the patterns from this image:

! btc a.jpg
Source: Google search Bitcoin.

And the bottom blockchain pattern was inspired by this beautiful image:

Source: Google search Blockchain.

I thought it would be good idea to cast the bitcoin pendant around Jesus's neck in 24 karat gold. Many of us crypto astronauts used to be, or still are, gold bugs. Some kinda hate on gold now, but I think that what it represents is very much in line with the values of Bitcoin: anti-establishment paying method. Yeah we all know how paper gold is manipulated on the markets, and we all know that BTC will have the final say, but I still like gold and I like using it in my art cause it looks dope and gives it "eternal" value so to say. So suck it up buttercup :)

When it started it didn't look like much. But here is the funny part: my first sketch of Jesus actually gave me a "devilish" look. One might even say that he looked like devil or Satan. Scary shit. But at the same time powerful because there is no light without darkness and darkness is nothing but absence of light. Duality only exists in human brain, so transcend your mind before you judge, cause it's a trap that keeps you away from experiencing "Christ".

bitcoin jesus phase 1.jpg

Hey Christians don't crucify me, I love Jesus to bits, this is just a funny observation. Sorry to poke you more but church manipulated Christ's teachings like nobody else. Bible is an allegory (same as Koran) which is WIDELY AND COMMONLY MISUNDERSTOOD and unfortunately: MISUSED. You want to know what Jesus was teaching? You need to experience it in your heart and your great self, and that is only accessible to those who allow the Christ Consciousness in through complete letting go.

Christ consciousness manifests in people who are ready for it. Jesus was a person, but what he was teaching and embodying was not "his" invention. It was one of the three pillar teachings that some call "Christ Consciousness" that travels in fractal lines of consciousness and manifests in whichever form (body) which is ready for it. This consciousness has no end and not beginning.
It's old/eternal as Cosmos itself. It is encoded in it. It is inseparable from it.

Other two are Buddha consciousness and Hermetic Teachings of Alchemy, if you were wondering.

Here is how the second stage looked like:

bitcoin jesus phase 2 logo.jpg
background undecided, and BTC sign still not cast in gold.

This is the final result. It's 24x30 inches big (76x61 cm for Europeans:).

Bitcoin Jesus logo.jpg

And from this angle you can see the reflection of the gold much better. I kinda like the Buddha on the right side of Jesus on this pictures. Two great avatars together!

Bitcoin Jesus easel.jpg

Hope you liked my Bitcoin Jesus.

May the Christ Consciousness be with you!

Thank you for reading, upvoting and following.

Much Love,
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My first Jesus painting was a Superman. I love it. Too bad for Trump, bad bad boy :)

! heanes JC 1b.jpg

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Crypto-Jesus is cool! Jan , where you can see the catalogues of Your work, its costs and methods of acquisition? ^.^_/ , ,, , . No "buy" button though. You have to contact me. I ship worlwide. Paypal/BTC welcome. Befriend me on Facebook or use jankasparec at gmail . Best - use both. I update my facebook better than my websites... Thank you @madlenfox

OK! Thanks for the info!

Your artwork is great, but I´m sorry, Bitcoin Jesus is now the official title for Trevon James :-)

Nobody owns words. But thanks for letting me know. There is probably thousands of other mofos out there who used the term "Bitcoin Jesus", but nobody ever painted exactly this. That's the power of original visual art vs. words which are just words. Thanks though @artemisia

Amazing piece of work!

cheers bro @flexifriday !

A very cool painting. Love the gold on it.
100% upvoted and resteemed :-)

Thanks brother Jochen @welovesteemit. Gotta update the website today. Been feeling super guilty about it! Much Love bro miss you!

You are very welcome Jan. Do not feel guilty just integrate two paintings and everything looks fine again ;-)
Much love back to Vancouver :-)

Mee too.... :)

I admire your audacity to toe the line of blasphemy. Surely, little old ladies everywhere would send up prayers for you if this went viral. Unbeknownst to them, Bitcoin and Jesus would go together like wine and communion wafers. Nice work!

Ha ha, you brought me a biiiig smile @mtgmisfit :) Like wine and communion wafers, you nailed it! Thanks a lot. Gonna check your blog.

This is epic man! Love it! Love how you see Jesus in everything!

Much appreciated @leonfroos !

Great work, Jan!

Thanks Luke! Much appreciated!

Maybe not to hang on in the church but it's really nice and novel. First time seeing Crypto Jesus like this one :)

thank you @awareentity

Great job @jankasparec I loved them :)

Very cool painting I'm gonna send a prayer to bitcoin Jesus tonight before bed :)

Bitcoin Jesus is awesome!

Awesome.... this is right up there with Tom Waits Chocolate Jesus. Yes Jesus was simply teaching the Oneness of God the Universe and Everything... as the great Chassidut say "Ein od Milvado" There is nothing other than God. Only God exists, nothing else. Spinoza taught the same thing. God is infinite therefore There is nothing separate from God . Amen and Namaste.