Air Drop, Cryptogreeting Card - Digital cartoon

in art •  9 months ago


Air Drop normal jpeg.jpg

Here is a new card design that I did for

This one is Vector illustration with subtle 3D lighting FX. I just turned the transparency down on the visual FX. That way, it's not too bold. I think the basic, flat clouds really complete the picture.

Below, you can see the design evolve from pencil sketch to digital vector. I think the original sketch is pretty funny! Looks like a really goofy parrot that you might see on a box of serial XD

air drop.jpg

Air drop drawing jpeg.jpg

Air Drop FLAT.jpg

Air Drop coming along.jpg

Air Drop normal jpeg.jpg

Thanks for having a look at my digital art. I have some more coming very soon. Take care and see you on the next one :)

my logo.jpg

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