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Well, this year it's my great uncles 80th!

Earlier in the year, we visited the Tate in London to celebrate with him at the grand opening of his exhibition. It's still travelling around the world so I'd reccomend that my fellow steemians finding out if its traveling to a town near you!

Here we are at the entrance to the exhibit!

The exhibition is a collection through Hockney's life time of art, spanning from his early works, all the way through to his modern day iPad collection.

One of the most iconic and famous paintings, 'the bigger splash' is also on display.

Taschen, dedicated a 'sumo book' to the life of Hockney. If you have a spare $2k, you can get a hold of this magnificent book!


And here we are going through the sumo book together the next day


I'd love to hear if you've been to an exhibition through the years!

Stay tuned for more cool insights !


Nice post i folow you @jacobh!

Thanks :)

Hello there and welcome, I am also new on this site like you, follow me @sacraf and vote together we can succeed Good luck
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