Cetacean Drawing Contest.My entrance: blue whale.

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Hello friends of steemit, here I share my drawing to participate in Cetacean Drawing Contest.


This animal group is also known by the name of marine mammals.
Among the species of cetaceans for my drawing I chose the blue whale, because of its large size. This type of whale is in the Mysticetus group, in one of the largest animals known to man.

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Drawing process:
To draw use, white sheet, graphite pencil, colored crayons, markers to highlight.
First draw the drawing drawing the shape with the graphite pencil.



Then I started painting with the colored crayons and then finished with the markers to highlight.



Well friends I hope you like them, until another opportunity and thanks for visiting my post.
Contest link:https://steemit.com/art/@jacinta.sevilla/cetacean-drawing-contest-now-open-15-steem-20-sbd-prizepool

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This is great!!! Thank you!