Self portrait in colored pencils - me and Astro

in art •  5 months ago

Hi, guys!

Today I'm already 100% sure that autumn has came to my city. It rains all day, and it's so awesome! No more heat, no more light cloth - it's truthfully fantastic!

When it will stop raining I plan to take Astro, my sketchbook, and draw outside a bit. Yet trees are green, but soon they will be dresses in all colors possible:) And it all will look like a real autumn fairy-tale.

On the other hand I have some troubles with my CG classes. Seriously, if with all medication I take I still could cry -I probably would do it now. I just fear to start making my new task, so hard and complicated it looks:(

 Love, Inber

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No fear girl, just start! Worrying about how it will turn out takes too many spoons, just start <3


It really takes too much spoons:(


Special heart of the best you've done, that tender and deep at the same time this work of art inber, my respect and admiration, a work that you have dedicated time, and care, really magical, congratulations

Woww i love your painting @inber you make really amazing art


Its really amazing art painting!. Thanks!

This is really nice rooftop art! Love your style. It works so well.

amazing <3

Really beautiful art my friend. Good idea. Well done!

Congratulations that autumn has come now in your place😂 Wow, I like how you dreamt of it. You are like a kid who dreams so much. And surely you will do great with your CG. It just takes patience and perseverance from you! Ciao!

Bless you @inber, keep your chin up and do a little at a time, no stress and no worries. we all love you here on steemit. just look at this piece of art work you have done. it is amazing.
I would love to see something like this on a childrens book cover it would make me want to buy it. :D much love :D