Octopus - finally finished:) My original art in markers and ink

in #art2 years ago

Hi, guys!

Today in the evening  finished my octopus art, and want to share it with you:)

I had doubts about his color, choosing from red and violet. So I asked my hubby and he said he's violet. So I did.

Love, Inber


Red would have been nice and vibrant, the purples blends and feels a bit more watery though I think :) Plus I'm biased because I like purple XPLooks great :)

May be I will make one more and try red, for experiment:)

Enamorado del resultado y enamorado de tus copics quisiera tener algunos, soy fiel amante de los pulpos me encanto tu post.

"Nunca dejemos de hacer Arte"

Wow I nearly thought it was digital painting not until I started reading. Really good job

I need a tattoo of this! I love the thick outline with the black marker

Thank you:)

Смотрю - вас на водно-морскую тему потянуло.
Осьминог просто шикарный получился! Знаете, на майке отлично бы смотрелось. И на белой, и на черной.

Спасибо:) Я все собираюсь сбелать мерч, но никак не решусь

А что такое мерч?

Ну всякие штуки со своими картинками. Футболки те же, стикеры, открытки и.т.п.

Свой сайт или на какой-то платформе?

Можно по-всякому, одно другому не мешает, но мне сначала нужно мужества набраться и найти адекватную типографию

you make me your art fan lovely and adorable painting amazing art you have alot of creativity in your mind GOD will give you alot of success

I really love it! looks like is in 3D!! hahaha

I like it... 🤓

OH ! This guy ! I loved the ink version and he looks even cooler in colour ! Lovely work, @inber :> The spots and the tentacles and the sea weed and the bubbles really pop now ! :D

Finally... i love the color🐙🐙🐙

Thank you <3

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Such a dope little guy, really like the limited color palette... makes everything really pop

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This is awesome! You really did a very good job here. I thought it was a digital painting too ... but then I saw the pictures and the materials you used. It's amazing. And I got the feeling I should try this myself.

Finally complete Octopus Painting in color's well done :)