Minimalism journey story (and another drawloween/inktober drawing)

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Hi, guys!

Today I continue my inktober journey. and ready to show the next picture:) Yes, we didn't freeze to death, we went on and managed to create something (me and my dog). Astro always assists me in creativity:) Though sometimes I have to explain her that apple pencil is not a chewing toy.

By the way these days I was busy not only with inktober, but with my minimalism journey as well. Yes, now I call it a journey. I thought that I will be able get rid of all clutter once and forever, but it's insidious. So, every time I decide to declutter more I find more and more things that I no longer need in my space. The only thing I less or more dealed with is my closet - at the moment I have 80 pieces of cloth (on previous decluttering it was 100), and I feel that I could go with even less, My goal is to minimize to 50.  I think it can be even less, but I'll see. I have to keep in mind that we have strongly marked seasons here, so I need to have two sets of cloth, one per season. Well, here it comes with 25 pieces each, I'll see how it'll work.

Well, I stopped by on minimalism, so I will complain a bit as well. I still can't declutter enough my art supplies, and it's a true curse! I wish to end up as a 90% digital artist, with 10% of traditional drawings, but I still have a huge set of watercolor, markers and colored pencils. And it's so damn hard to refuse having them, even despite the fact that I almost don't use them... Urrrgh!

OK. OK. no more complaining:) New inktober drawing here:)


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  See you in the next post!

Love, Inber

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Can they grow more than these? I had love to see that.

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We'll see :)

Obviously you'll need to use up all your existing art supplies and not buy any more ;D

I love mushrooms, they're so cute! (even the deadly ones). And I was always going to like these ones as they're one of my favourite colours.

Or donate them. But they're so.... Myyyy precioussssss.....

Put all the ones you don't use in a box and tape it shut. If some time later you find the taped box and you've forgotten about the contents til that moment take the whole box to the opshop without opening it XD (or gift to a painter whatever works)

I know you're right, but when it comes to art supplies it's sooo hard!:(