CG study art - stone cube with lava

in art •  3 months ago

Hi, guys!

Today I continue my practice with material cubes, and today I had to draw a stone cube with lava. It was a really complicated task, luckily I had to base my work on an artwork of my teacher Angelika (so the idea belongs to her, I just made a study copy). 

This one took me about two hours, and it's less or more OK.

The next one will be wooden one;)

Love, Inber

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Woww amazing stone cube you draw :)

So you will do different materials using the cube? I like how the lava flows onto the cube (rock). Wow! You can give us so much artworks from traditional to digital works. Such a versatile artist!


Yep, that's the task


Woah... amazing 🤩😲😲😯

Because sometimes we need the example from the teacher or other. Our creativity and improvisation will make the results look more different and better.
keep up creativity @inber

I love it @inber it gives the whole cube a gaming look to it, very impressed. how long does this course run for? is it an online course or is it at a university?


On-line course, three months


That's pretty cool, do they supply the software or do you have to buy that yourself?
What online course are you doing as this is something that interest me and I would probably be interested in giving it ago. :D

This is really great. For it to be a simple cube drawing, you add different layers with the cracks and lava flowing...Look forward to more of your work.