CG original study art - stone cube

in art •  7 months ago

Hi, guys!

Today I finally found force inside myself to go in with my CG classes hometask. From the very beginning I must said that the idea of this cube doesn't belong to me - I had to make a copy of artwork of my teacher at 2D on-line school, Angelika. So, it's a copy for study from artwork of another artist:

Studying materials in color is really different from studying them in grayscale, but not that different as I thought before. Now I understand everything much deeper, and I hope that my next practice task will look even better:)

Love, Inber

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Your project very improve day by day 😊 i looking your britte future
You get daily new project in school ?


No, weekly. But enough for every day drawing:)

The piece looks futuristic @inber, even with its elementary stages! keep it up.


Wasn't elementary for me

thanks for sharing

this is so good, keep doing what youre doing fellow artist

I did not try it but it looks nice

Love inber.🤗

my little sister is a very good artist herself and i saw her honing her skills from zero level itself and now she has reached a point I cannot imagine she wants to start her own comic story(manga) .Just keep practicing mate it will surely help you improve to a point you won't be able to recognise you old self.

Pretty the same with the one on grayscale and equally artistic! But, yes you really do need to be careful with colors because it is more complex than black and white.

For a task to do that is pretty cool even though its a copy from your teacher, but i think that is the best way to learn new techniques.
I'm just wondering what your going to do next for these classes @inber it looks like a fun class :D

They say practice makes perfect, well it does indeed improve and grow our scope and view as an artist. Good job.