The art of weaving from coconut leaves

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Of the many colors that exist, maybe we are not one of the selected colors. Of the many colors that exist, maybe we are one of the colors that are neglected ...

No matter, everything will remain beautiful and just fine. Just God gives us a little winding way to understand that not always what we are cultivating is the best for us to hold.

Let's tell you about a color. No matter what color you have, he who is not God destined for you will pass away, far away and never come back.

But, a color that you think is nothing, ordinary, even you do not think is interesting; if God made him your destiny, he will remain there, choose you and make you the color he likes

Because there is a saying that I hear, love does not have to always make it one thing we have. Because the highest proof of love is to mengikhlaskannya, memasrahkannya to the owner of the real Life Scenario. .


This is the artisans of coconut weaving art


interesting art that has very nice particles,
when the change chase money through coconut weaving craftsmen


In the modern era, often a form of progress is accompanied by a form of decline. The advancement of rationalism makes spiritualism backward, whereas these two things are not opio- tive, but a form of criteria that must exist in all human life.
thankful that is a bit then god will love a lot for his servant. Usually people are always not enough enough. .


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