Well, thanks for the advice - I wouldn't say that this is a warning :)
I'm actually the author of that article on BlenderArt. I've just joined steemit and I'm working on porting my artwork, articles over here.
Would appreciate it if you had some faith in your fellow steemers and gave people the benefit of the doubt.

Cool that is awesome. Please understand that your username here and the author name in the article are not the same, and I see people copying/pasting other people's content all day long. Best practice here on Steemit would be to provide a link or at least mention you published previously elsewhere when you are reposting material, or you will definitely find people assuming you are a plagiarizer. Glad to have you on board, your work is very impressive. Cheers - Carl

Thanks man. I'm new here so I apologize if I seem to have broken any unspoken rules. It'll take a while for me to find my way around here I guess.
Took your advice and added a link to the original article.