RE: A 8-hands drawing: "The Mirrored Artefact", 2018

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A 8-hands drawing: "The Mirrored Artefact", 2018

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Holy crap. This is so amazing. It seems like magic to see this come to life in front of my eyes when the final drawing does not exist. I think this is so incredibly creative. So much fun to watch. The perfect marriage between your engineer and artist sides. I have been researching online trying to find a name for this technique or anyone else doing similar and I so far have not been able to find anyone doing this or similar. There are plenty of mirrored drawings of course but I have not found anyone doing video of this coming together using script to make perfect image in video. Seriously I am so far beyond impressed. I give this badge out to truly original content but I do not think I have ever given it out to artwork that may be a genuinely novel technique. You sir are incredible. Much love - Carl

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