The Best Ideas Come Out From Sitting On The Toilet

in #art8 months ago

Everybody knows this. I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced having that genius idea while they are on the toilet. They just don't want to admit it.

image0 (1).jpg

So, here's a painting concept that I have thought of, and painted using an app (on phone) while on the toilet. Yes, I bring my phone inside the bathroom. Don't we all? No, I am not afraid of accidentally dropping my phone on the toilet. I've become a pro on that. I even bring my sketch pad and pencil sometimes. I can't remember how many great ideas I have generated on the toilet.

I firmly believe that

When shit comes out, genius comes in.


you literally geinused the shit out of that art! :D

I had to! Or else I'll forget it after shitting LOL

hahahaha! making diamonds under pressure! ;)