Today's Painting #80 - Wedding Gift for My Lovely Sister

in #art5 months ago

Whenever I want to give someone special a gift usually I'll decide to give something unique that you can't buy in any shop, especially a gift for someone so dearly to me.

Last september my sister was having a wedding party, this painting is a gift from me, I paint it on a 30x40 cm canvas, this is my 2nd painting on canvas. This painting is based on one of Leonid Afremov painting, sorry, I forget what's the title is...

The mixture of colours on this painting is so wonderful that I can't resist not to try painting it by myself, so I decide to make one for my sister... It took a lot of time to finish it, maybe because my skill still wasn't good enough, however I love this piece, and proud of it (even though it's not my idea) haha.

Painting Process


I always starting by drawing a simple sketch, so I won't lost in the process. For me sketching is a must

I used acrylic on Canvas

Start by painting the background

It looks simple, yet... it's complicated, because it's so rich of colors.

Paint the 1st layer of the bottom part.

Working on details at the upper part

I work little by little, because I don't like to force myself, so I started working on the right part

Just keep painting... just keep adding details, just keep painting, painting, painting... until it looks bright and colourful

I think that's all for today... see you soon... I hope you have a great monday and enjoy this piece of painting...


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Hi hananan,

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I always envy people who can draw with such different colors and correctly pick them. Especially in traditional sense. You have to mix color my hand with a brush. I can handle the digital drawings. There are R G B numbers, I can check if a color is the correct one or not from the numbers. ( and still most of the times its wrong^^ ) For me, real life color picking is the hardest thing because i am colorblind ^^ Your painting is beautiful.

And I always envy people who are good with digital drawing 😁 I used to see on the internet there's some kind of glasses for color blind people... Maybe you can try it, to help you picking the color 😅 I guess you already knew about it tho

Digtial drawing is easier, you can have hundreds of brushes in your hand with a single pen. And you have "CTRL+Z" :)) Yes @hananan I knew about the glasses. But colorblind glasses are not for everybody, there is a small chance that it will work and its not a cure. Just a tool to help ^^ They are too expensive for me to buy right now.

Yeah... Ctrl+Z something you couldn't do in watercolor painting... But in acrylic painting like this one, it's ok to make mistakes, you can simply keep adding layer until you feel satisfied

Ah... I thought that glasses would work for everyone and has a nice price, silly me 🙈

That's a great piece of art. Keep up your good work!

Thank you for your kind words 😊

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A truly fabulous, vibrant, one-of-a-kind wedding gift your sister and spouse will enjoy for years to come!

You are a very talented artist @hananan
Keep up the good work 🎨🖌
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I hope so 😁
Thank you for telling me the hashtags that I better use 💕

You're very welcome! @hananan
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Undoubtedly this is a beautiful gift. Original art. The colors are very beautiful as well as the motive. Keep painting! Keep creating! A big hello @hananan

Thank you, you're so kind 😊

hi dear @hananan, your painting is beautiful, I love all the colors and shades you used! I like to see the different phases of the process and how you came to the creation of the work. you're right, in the end it's so bright and vivid that I feel like I'm there! I guess it's hard to make a painting with all these colors .... surely it is an original gift, made with love, you are right to be proud of yourself .-)) congratulations on your work and your curie rating

You're right, for me it's quite hard to make it, maybe because I'm not getting used with acrylic on canvas yet...

Glad you enjoy it, and thank you for your compliment 😊

I have few artistic skills, so I like to see, even if with a bit of envy, the beauty of the creativity of others ;-))

@tipu curate (🤞hopefully I have one)

This indeed looks bright and colorful :) You've done a great job again! It's a beautiful painting. You are so good with small details and making it all look like after rain. Your sister must have loved it.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you very much, I'm glad it turned out good and people love it 😊