Today's Painting #79 - One fine Afternoon

in #art3 months ago

What's better than spending time with your pets in a lovely place?

Actually I don't have any plan to draw anything today, but... when I was looking for something I founded a crayon I got from Save the Children after Tsunami hit my hometown in 2004... at that time crayon or any kind of paint is something so precious to me, so it seems I keep it in a save place and find it after I grow up 😅 so, since I find this crayon I decided to paint something, but what should I draw? Then I choose to redraw my old drawing

I paint this piece around 20018, when I was a totally newbie in this creative world. I used watercolor and acrylic in the making, and it took around 6 or 8 hours for this simple drawing at that time, haha.... while the new one only take around 2 hours in the making.

Painting Process

Firstly prepare the tools, I use crayola, acrylic paint and pencil colors

Next sketching....

Paint the background using crayon

For the lake part I use a tissue to make it look softer, by rubbing it on the painting.

Lastly paint the trees, cat, dog & the girl using black acrylic paint, and finish 😄

That's all for today, see you & have a great weekend ❤


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